Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My workbench

What's on my work bench 
this afternoon?

Oh fun, fun, fun things.  Making some new pieces for the last upcoming summer show.  

I thought I would share this because it might give you some ideas if you are taking our upcoming October workshop in Pismo Beach, CA, where Diana Frey and I are teaching the art of bezels!

You can have so much fun with bezels and resin, your imagination is the only limitation. 
There are a few places left in the class, so hope you can make it.  The flyer is on my sidebar, with all the details.

I hope you can come see me at my last show for the summer, August 5-7 in Anacortes, WA.  It's a scenic show, located right next to a beautiful bay, with lots of talent and great food!

Hope to see you one place or the other. 
How do you like my little project for the day?



In the Light of the Moon said...

How do I like your project?..Everything you touch turns to magic sweet Riki!! Soooo Beautiful!!Hugs,Cat

Alice said...

Pardon my drooling, but that piece is just gorgeous! You have so many great ideas in that pretty head of yours! I'd love to come to your class, but California is just so far away.

Holly Loves Art said...

Just beautiful Riki!! As always of course!

Jenny @ Faith + Pearl said...

So gorgeous! I ordered ice resin, it's sitting on my work table staring me in the face but I'm still a little nervous about trying it. Rest assured, I will though!! :)


Jen Crossley said...

Your necklace is sensational Riki

Barbara Lewis said...

What a sweet project! Love all of the wire winding around the beads throughout the necklace. Beautiful!

Catherine Witherell said...

Very pretty!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Soooooo gorgeous!! Love it,Riki.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Esther said...


Sueann said...

Love the necklace for sure! Gorgeous!
Be well sweetie!!

Caterina Giglio said...

fabulous piece Riki and have a great show! xx

Charlene said...

I wish I had wings....... I just can't be with all my buddies at one time!!! Just back from 2 weeks with Diane & Allen. We had a blast! And then of course I'm getting ready to go out & see Sandy/Diana. I'm over the moon about that but, I wish I could be at your festival/show too. DARN! Maybe if I "twitch" my nose! Hugs to Mad Dog from Elle. First day on vacation... she goes into heat! WHAT???? How did that happen SO SOON! These girls are growing up so fast! HUGS!
Charlene & Elle

sharon palac said...

A perfect necklace for an autumn day, I love the golden colors and the wire wrapping, but the star is that gorgeous resin bezel, so yummy!

Gaby Bee said...

This necklace is to die for! Love your work!
Gaby xo