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Monday, March 30, 2009

We rode like the wind!
If you were wondering what I do on my weekends, (just humor me) here it is!  Besides
wine tasting that is.

This weekend was the annual "Rides of March" 
here in sunny San Luis Obispo, CA.
It was a chance to meet a lot of people you 
already have something in common with...
scooter riding! 
 My scoot is the grey one, with the leather seat.  Most of the kids have two strokes, which are the vintage models... loud and smokey, just fabulous! But, I'm a wuss, so I have a new one.  I'm afraid of breaking down out in the countryside, so this works for me. My husband wimped out all together, he rides a 650 Suzuki (looks cooler to him). We rode hills, then down to the beach, just a blast. Got the annual t-shirt, had the hot dog, (veggie of course), then came home to crash.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What do you think of on the first day of spring?

beautiful new blossoms....
darling baby sheep....
or wine tasting???
We had company come to the Central Coast visiting from San Francisco, so we did a little wine tasting. These pictures are from my favorite winery, Tobin James.  If you haven't had any of there wine, it is sooooo tasty.  I especially love their reds.  And look at the beautiful rock and mosaic work, truly artistic.  
And, I hit a quaint antique show here on the Central Coast, and splurged big time.  Look for cuff bracelet pictures coming to my blog.  Aren't these gorgeous?  I have to work up the nerve to cut into them.  One of them had initials and the date 1900 engraved.  It is so amazing to hold a solid silver napkin ring in your hand that is almost 110 years old, wow.  What a story it could tell.  My favorite is the one with initials "G.E.M."  I might have to keep that one, since I do love gems!!

I love the liquor bottle tags, they are so decorative.  I'm visualizing some fun necklaces!  I don't know, would you wear "GIN" on your chest? I would if it's that pretty!!
Thanks for looking.  
Happy Spring.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Have you ever tried to weave with metal? I decided to try a pendant, after first making a ring and a bangle.  It was fun to try something different.  Then I chose this lovely white fresh water pearl to dangle, kind of lends a soft touch to a rustic side of the pendant.  I learned how to weave with wire from Susan Lenart Kazmer when we went to France in September last year.  What a fun trip that was.  We ate, drank, shopped and made beautiful pieces. Hope you like this piece, thanks for looking.