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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Artful Gathering Summer 2012


Just a taste of what I will be teaching this summer, on line, at the website Artful Gathering.  Go HERE for the link to the website, that is up now, open for registration only at this time.

There is a $5 registration fee that will eventually unlock more information about all the classes and info.  This is a steal, compared to most $50 registration fees you will pay at retreats!

This has been a highly successful way for students to learn.  When you go to the site, you will see the amazing line up of qualified and talented instructors lined up to teach in the next session.

I am teaching both sessions, but the second session hasn't been released yet.

In the first session, I will be instructing you on how to make a mixed media frame from scratch!! I am so excited about this.  This is an opportunity for me to reach those of you too far away to take a class with me in person.  I wish I could be on the East coast with this class, but this is a way to do it!  Take the class in your jammies, whenever you feel like it! I will be available for six weeks during the class, to help, answer questions, and instruct.  Take the class at your own pace.

This class is titled Romantic Relic Frames.  We will be cutting-bending-forming sheet metal, attaching all kinds of found objects, and soldering with a butane torch.  Fun, fun, fun.

I will walk you through each and every step, so all are welcome.

So go take a look!!  I will be available for the entire six weeks, to answer questions and help in any way I can, being right there with you every step of the way, all on line!

I'm so excited about this opportunity.  And released soon will be information for my second session class and details.

Thanks, and a big hug.  
Hoping to see you in my classroom.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ornament exchange


There is an amazing body of art coming out of this fabulous 
Ornament Exchange. It is a 12 Days of Christmas exchange, by some wonderful artists.

I've been following it on Rosa & Josie's blog with my good friend Diane Cook, who is taking part in the exchange.

This ornament is hand made by Melissa David, who had a life changing experience with surgery, experiencing complications, then being deeply moved.  Lovely wings.

And this one by Pilar Pollack, incorporating a milage into her ornament, with the sweetest girl with rhinestones and threads.  Love it.

So go visit if you can, it is worth the time.  Again, such beauty, inspiration and ingenuity is going in to each piece, hand made with a lot of love.

Love and Merry Christmas to all.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

So Grateful

Grateful for so many things....

Here is our sweet Sophia with my little Maddie. 

Go here to see why am so grateful...

This is my latest post on Molly Alexander's Grateful Living blog, such a wonderful blog.  One of the beautiful things in life to keep us grounded.  Thank you Molly for reminding us.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

Hi there, 

Santa's Elf Maddie here...

 Mommy doesn't know I'm writing you. 

If you need an idea for a gift to put on your Christmas list, maybe I can help?

There is a wonderful Precious Metal Clay class coming up in February.

Check it out.  Mommy and Diana taught this years ago, and have been asked to teach it again, how cool is that?

I plan to be there to help, so hope I get to meet you.

And I have been really busy, helping mommy and dad in the back yard, making these wood things.  I don't know what they are for, but mommy is really excited about them.  I heard her talking about how they keep her friends from burning their fingers while soldering, whatever that means.

But I have put my paw print on a few when she puts that blue stuff on, and walked all over the pavement!

Really fun!

So hope you see something to put on your Christmas list.

I hope Santa gets me a new squeaky toy for Christmas, and a new bone too.

I hope Santa brings you some fun for Christmas.

Lots of licks.


Friday, November 11, 2011



In honor of 11/11/11...

giveaway going on over at e-workshops!  

See the link on the side bar.  

Contest open until this Sunday night!!!

I'm giving away a Vice Petite to some lucky winner!!

Good luck, and have a fabulous weekend, whatever you are doing!



Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yep, workshops everywhere!

Oh it's been so busy!!  I have been teaching AND taking classes.  What a blast!

The few shots below are some of the projects from Richard Salley's class.  If you have never taken a class from him, try to.  He is a talented artist, and one of the nicest guys you'll meet.  I took three classes from him in three days, so he had gotten plenty of me! Ha ha.

The first project is a locket.  Can you tell what it is made of? 

A rusted bottle cap.  Love that! It is the base.

He uses 14ga wire to make this adorable frame, then we use the whirligig thingy majigy to make coils, and of course a hinge for the top portion.  LOVED this, making more for sure Richard!!

And it wouldn't be right to not put a little bling on it, huh?

This next project is also a bottle cap base. This bracelet has etched brass as the part that fits around the wrist on the back, then copper in the front. Everything had to be cut and fitted, then hinges attached.  My kind of project, again LOVED IT!

Notice I slipped a Parisian medicine lid in there. Guess she's a French birdy!
Oui, oui. And underneath the lid is faux bone.  Have you tried that? Look up Robert Dancik to purchase, he kind of invented the amazing stuff. Very fun effects, like scrimshaw. 

And on Oct. 29-30, Diana Frey and I taught our class, Bezelicious.  We had a packed house for this techniques class.  There were 14 students.  Thanks to all who attended. It was a blast, and they all did so well.

These are the name tag necklaces Diana and I whipped up. I had to scour the neighborhood for extra lids!  Save those up, they make great items for projects!

All smiles after two days of working hard.

Thanks again Terri, Terry, Karen, Carrie, Theresa (holding Maddie), Susan, Georgene, Deborah, Mary, Diana and Nancy, Pat, Julie, Theresa, and Carol!

You were a fabulous group, we loved having you!  I had a ball.  And no rain this time, amazing!

Thanks for looking, see you soon.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Grateful Living


I would love to share some news about a lovely new blog that my friend, Molly Alexander started recently.  It is called "Grateful Living".  I hand so honored that I am a contributor to this blog.  She has invited a number of ladies to participate, to share their thoughts, feelings, and passions or anything that inspires them about grateful living.

Now isn't this a great idea?  We all need a little inspiration, insight, thoughtfulness or just plain beautiful writing to get your day started, or to finish it off.

Each time I visit and read about a contributing writer, I learn a little more about that person than I did before.  

Please stop by and visit when you can, it is so uplifting.  I really think you will agree.

And she posted my first contribution this week.  
Here is the link.

I added her button on my sidebar so you can go take in a little grateful living anytime you like.  Feel free to post the button on your blog as well.

It just feels good!

Happy weekend everyone.
Thinking of you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Tool

Introducing my new, not so fancy, but functional tool.

Vice Petite!

Here's a solution to those cramped hands while soldering with an iron!!

WH and I made these up from scratch, and there's limited number each time. They take a ton of time to make!  But they are available now at my Etsy store, so if you would like to read all about them, just hop over.

I hope you are having an exceptional day!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exciting News!

I will be a part of Artful Gathering
Summer of 2012

Class description to be announced soon!

For more information, go to Artful Gathering.

Hugs, Riki

Friday, September 30, 2011


First of all, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who participated in the HUGE Bead Soup Exchange, and left a message!! Wow, what an amazing experience that was.  So cool I got to see so many new blogs and meet so many new artists.  Thanks again Lori!

There is a BIG GIVEAWAY I just posted on my new blog, e-workshops, so be sure to hop over there and sign up for all the goodies. 
 It's the "grand" launch of my new blog, and why not start it off with a fun giveaway and contest?? 
 Good luck!

And, I want to share my experience at the fantastic Art Is You Retreat, that took place last week in Petaluma, CA.  Now this was some fun...instructors like Thomas Mann, Thomas Ashman, Dee Foust, Stephanie Lee, Michael deMeng, Joanna Pierotti, Keith Lobue, on and on.

I took four amazing classes.  The first one was from Joanna Pierotti of Moss Hill Studio, and I attached her blog to the link. You have to go look at her work, wow! Just stunning. That was so much fun, I've never painted a face, or made any kind of a doll.  So this was so way out of my comfort zone, and way cool!

She gave us little faces she pre-made,and we painted them with the tiniest little paintbrushes.  Then we mounted them on tiny canvases, and decorated away.  I just love how she turned out!
I need to give her a name???

None of my classroom shots are very flattering to people, but it gives you a great idea of the action taking place. That is Joanna, third from the left, in the tan. Everyone is so busy.

Another class was with Michael deMeng. Check out his blog.  Another WOW!  I have never decorated a bottle before, and not painted one either. This was a blast, might be my fav of all the classes. I used burlap on the bottom, and painted it all over, then string on top, attaching a drawer handle.

I was able to get my eyeball in there (thanks Rochelle)! A sweet student gave that to me this summer, I was so excited to use it. This was a lot of fun. I used drawer hardware to bend and attach, giving the transparency a ghosty look.

Here's Michael in action outside the class. 
We're learning how to mix paints, and handle tools, too cool!

I took two Stephanie Lee classes!  I don't have my Pipe Dreams pendant done, I'll post when I do.  But in one class, Plaster Coffers, we made boxes from scratch cardboard, held them together with plaster and then painted them.  I know, pretty amazing. But it worked. For some reason, I made an owl, guess due to the fact I pulled out that hardware, and it talked to me, then I found the buttons, and voila, an owl box! Still some work to finish on him yet.

Sorry Steph, not the most flattering, but you still are a doll! Yep, that's Steph in the stripped apron, we all got so messy playing with paints and plaster. I felt like I was in grade school again, so freeing! I will have to make more of those for sure.

Thanks to all the amazing instructors, the organizers Ellen and Sal, and everyone who went.  It was probably the best retreat I've been to in ages, and loved every minute.  Hope you can go next year, it was quite a treat.

So be sure to sign up for the contest over at e-workshops.blogspot.com!


Saturday, September 17, 2011



Every now and again in life, you just get lucky. Is it because you have eaten your Lucky Charms for breakfast, did the planets align correctly, or did you possibly pay it forward at some point and the sky opened up its beautiful treasures to warm your heart?

Well, I got lucky.  I was sweet Cindy Wimmer's  partner for my first Bead Soup exchange.  Believe me, that was lucky for so many reasons.  

Cindy and I have been blogging friends for a couple of years now, and I love to hop over to her blog for so many reasons. It is one of those feel good blogs, one that makes you smile, one that touches your heart, and pulls at all your heart strings.  Not only due to the adorable children pictures, but she is such a talented lady.  She is a partner in presenting the East coast retreat, Artbliss, check it out everyone! And she is published, makes amazing jewelry, and well...did I say talented??

She and I have drooled over our antique finds for years. Every time she posts some of the fun finds while antiquing, I lust after everything, you lucky guys on the East coast!

So while on vacation recently, guess who is thinking about wee little me? Cindy of course, because that's the kind of gal she is. Not busy enough chasing three boys around on holiday, she is shopping for the Bead Soup exchange.

So not only did she purchase these amazing pieces, she gave great thought to the careful labeling and creative packaging of my sweet loot! Yes, I am a lucky girl, and I'm on my toes, singing with joy as I opened her thoughtful wrapping, oozing with love. Aren't these pieces to die for?

On top of the amazing antique and vintage, hand selected treasures, she finds this charming jar, and includes that as well.  Cindy, you have spoiled me completely!

This is what I created with Cindy's treasures. 
I hope you like it Cindy,  it was so easy to be inspired by your finds, and sit down and work with all these amazing pieces! Vintage leaves, a leaf broach, beautiful crystals, sari silk, a gorgeous hand made brass clasp, (big sigh here). Wow, a touch of bling, a whisper of silk, vintage chain, wow. 

Thank you to Lori Anderson for coordinating this Bead Soup, you are amazing Lori. I understand this was a record for the number of participants this time. 

I can't wait to go blog hopping and see what all of you have created from your exchange.

Sunday, September 11, 2011



As the leaves on all the deciduous trees begin to rare up and throw out their flame of color, WH and I begin the routine dance of packing up our utmost belongings, and heading south for the winter.  We wave to the honkers (that's geese for city folks) as they fly up the runway in front of our cabin, honking loudly to announce their departure for the warmer country.

Well, I'm honkin', cause its time to go!  This is an unusual year however, since summer has just now decided to grace us with her warm rays here in the Pacific NW.  But, onward we go to California for continued sun for the winter months.  Its about a three day driving journey, very pleasant as WH does the driving, and Maddie and I do the looking! Heard it was raining there yesterday, go figure.

I'm so excited about a sweet adventure coming up with the successful Art Is You retreat, in Petaluma. The link is on my sidebar, check it out! I would love for you to be there so we can meet.
And if you are going to be there, let me know, would love to meet some more blogging friends.

Below is a little tease picture of my Blog Soup Party stash coming up.
Cindy Wimmer is my partner, and here is a preview of some of the amazing pieces she sent me.
Wow Cindy...more to follow soon, when my necklace is revealed.

The blog hop for the Bead Soup Party happens on Sept. 17th.  So be sure to my blog, and over 300 other participants, as we all reveal what we made with our generous assemblage of beads and goodies.

So exciting! So much going on. 
Be sure to visit my new blog, e-worshops, for learning opportunities and tutorials.

See you in California at Art is You!


Friday, September 9, 2011



I hope you were able to take a little time off and enjoy some relaxation somewhere, with loved ones??

I got a lot of work done, between house guests, grand daughter here for two weeks, WH's 65th birthday, and preparing for a big birthday party!

Whew! Time for a breather.

But in between all those free moments, I was able to shoot and edit another tutorial video!

I have to tell you, I love doing these, not that I'm great at it, but thanks to the support and amazing comments on my last video, I think I'll do more!  You spoke, and I'm listening.

That's really the impetus behind launching the e-workshops blog.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this.  I'm lining up blogging friends to be featured on there, to give tips and giveaways.

How cool will this be??

So here's a link to reading all about the latest video on "e-workshops.blogspot.com".  I think you'll enjoy it as much, if not more, than the last video.

Or you can go straight to my Etsy shop to purchase.

Thank you so much everyone, your support makes my heart swell with joy!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Blog!


There is a now a new blog, dedicated to learning!   With the exquisite help from the amazingly talented Karen Valentine, I am launching a new blog called e-workshops.

This fun blog will deliver new adventures for you, adding to your current knowledge about jewelry making, or if you are new, what a great place to jump in and discover this amazing world.

My plan is to offer a variety of kits, tutorials, videos and on line classes, both by me, and blogging friends.  I will also offer tips, freebies, and a host of other offerings.

It is just getting started, but go check it out and let me know what you think.  You can hop back to my other blog, Riki Jewelry, by clicking that button anytime.

Please spread the word, post the button, and tell everyone!

I'm working on a fun, muti-item giveaway, so stay tuned.

Please leave me a comment, and let me know what you think.

And how about what you would like to learn about, any specific methods or projects you are hoping to see on here?

Thanks everyone.
Many hugs,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Fun & Bead Soup

Summer Winding Down

I can't believe the end of summer is upon us.  For some, the weather was unbearably hot, with threatening fires, and for others, like in Washington state for me, it almost never showed up!

But, that didn't keep us from a fabulous motorcycle trip on Vancouver Island.  On our three day trip, we caught a ferry off our island, rode to Lake Cowitchen, on Vancouver Island, and finished a loop in Victoria, Canada.  

Such beautiful scenery.  Here's an early morning scene, Fred is catching some pictures of a pretty lake.

I peeled off the motorcycle gear for a shot in Victoria, over looking the harbor at the waterfront.  I love that town, can't get enough of it.  Gives you the feeling you are really out of the country, and of course, you are.  The Canadians always make me feel so welcome.

Then back home to our little island on another ferry, only an hour's ride from Canada.
That's WH in the bright yellow helmet, ready to ride off the ferry when it docks.

Then my second, and last teaching opportunity was with a fabulous group of ladies at the lovely Terri Brush's house, in Chehalis, WA.  That was so much fun.  Look at her beautiful property, and the house was amazing.  You are so talented Terri!

We etched, we did cold connections, we soldered.
What a blast.  They all did so well.
Here's most of the group, Rochelle, Mary, me, Terri, Jodi and Billie.  
Not pictured is Brenda and Edna.
Thanks for such a wonderful time ladies, hope to see you next summer!

Ah yes, Grasshopper!  Here is Terri mastering the art of "Zen" sawing with a jeweler's saw.  We lost almost no blades, way to go girls!

Look at those cuffs, so beautiful, all etched, cut out and finished with cold connections.

Rochelle made a beautiful necklace, isn't that gorgeous?

and.....drum rollllllll....

I sent my focal and beads off to Cindy Wimmer last week, so exciting Cindy is my bead buddy!

Here's a glimpse of what I sent to her.  
I hope she loves it and has a ball with it.

Here's more goodies she will be receiving.
Don't forget to tour everyone's blog to see what is being made up for the Blog Soup Party!

So that's how my summer was wrapped up.  I hope your summer was as much fun as mine.  Great shows, amazing support for teaching and Etsy kits and videos, decent weather, no major weather challenges, and Maddie loved her woods.

We head to CA for the winter in a couple of weeks.  The journey is always fun, and amazing scenery. 

I hope you had a fabulous summer, and would love to hear what new things you learned this summer.  

How about it? Learn anything new you want to share?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Show

The last show of the season!!

Okay, I only do three, and one is a Artist Tour, but that's it for the season for me, possibly!  There might be one more around the holiday, we'll see.

I had my "Pearl" going on for the show.  Second time I got to wear it, and oh my gosh, the responses were so much fun!!  Everyone wanted to know what those clothes were all about, and where I got them. There might be a few gals looking her up.  Gave you lots of plugs Robin!

Here I am in front of the booth, feeling the love with my Magnolia Pearl on.  This was the most amazing show ever for me in Anacortes, WA.  The stock market had dropped 500 points before the first day of the show, and I had record setting sales.  Go figure!

Thank you to each and every one of you who purchased a piece of my jewelry.  It was so much fun to meet some followers, and see them in person.  Thanks for taking the time to swing by my booth, and appreciate your business.

Maddie did her part in helping at the show!!!  Isn't she a good helper, licks toes while they look.  Quite the team we are!  And WH was busy the whole time helping me out, getting lunch and writing everything up.  Thanks goodness for the new electronic device Square!  Love you Square! 

I listed a few pieces in my Etsy store today, so swing on over if you get a chance.  This is your chance to own a Riki piece!  I was asked so many times to put some pieces on Etsy, so here we go! 

This is the sweetest dragonfly soldered to a brass base, love it.  Makes me "laugh"!

Here is one of my darling soldered bee designs.  I just love the touch of bling soldered on the wings.  And if you want to learn to do that, I have a video you can purchase on my sidebar!

Thanks again to each and everyone of you, for helping to make it the best year ever.



Monday, August 1, 2011



It is so much fun antique shopping, then bringing your goodies home and transforming them into something fun to wear. There is no way I can possibly get to all the wonderful pieces I have picked up, just this year alone.  But this one jumped out at me yesterday, screaming to come out of the case! That's when we have to listen to them, right?

I picked up some of these turn of the century picture hangars at an antique shop in Victoria, Canada while shopping with my friend Jill.  I think it looks very French!  
What do you think?

I thought it needed a touch of bling, some beautiful chain and a pearl. 

Any ideas what to do with the others? I just love these little hangars, too pretty.  And the aging on them is so rich, I haven't touched it and won't!

This will go in to the collection for the Anacortes Arts Festival this coming weekend in Anacortes, WA. 

Wish you could all come see me and say hi!