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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Puppies have two speeds!!!

On or off! Its been 12 years since we've had a baby bundle of fur in the house. I had forgotten how much work these little treasures are, OMG. She's been here for two nights, both with me sleeping on a blow up mattress in the living room next to her. I won't even go in to the lack of sleep the first night at the motel! To borrow a phrase from Krys, my eyes feel like they have cornflakes in them, and I'm exhausted! Yikes. And I am reminded....it is allllll worth it.

I feel whole again!!
My heart is starting to heal the empty, open wound, from the loss of sweet Chester. But WH and I know Chester would LOVE this doll. This is Maddie, doesn't she look like a Maddie? She is so dang smart at nine weeks. I am extremely impressed with the Havenese breed, even better than everyone let on. If you haven't seen one, maybe you can find a friend that owns one.
There were three rowdy boys at the house today, ages 5 to 9. Wild, playing, roughing it up. She was right in there having a ball with them, my jaw dropped in amazement.

She's taken outside to go potty every hours or so, and when she cant' make it, goes on the wee pad. Now is that a gifted girl or what?

Here is ON. Here she is with her new toy from Auntie Diana, a green froggy that squeeks. Plays with it constantly. Hard to get a picture that isn't blurry.

Here is OFF! I was attempting to look at the computer this morning and had a lot of help. Notice the list of names on the paper. I can take that off now, she's definitely a Maddie, or Madeleine (French version!).

Wish me luck tonight. Going to try to get back into my bed. My back needs it, my head needs it and boy do my eyes need it! Did I tell you she weighs 2.6 lbs. and gives sweet doggie kisses?

I'm in LOVE again.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby now 7 weeks


I know most of us are very busy with summer trips, and activities. We haven't spent as much time on our computers, keeping in touch with each other. I miss everyone so much. But I have to share with you what we did this week, between picking up grand daughter at the airport (a four hour trip when you're on an island) and making jewelry like crazy for upcoming shows.

This is proud papa WH with the new little girl we finally got to meet. We haven't chosen a name yet, waiting for her to come home and see what she looks like.

She is a Havanese, which part Bichon, part Maltese I hear. They are the sweetest little doggies. They get to be about 12-14 lbs. Here is our wee one at 2.25 lbs. Bareley big enough to pet!
Now is this a face you could love or what?
She played with me, if you can imagine. Even at 7 weeks, they are already playing! It blows my mind how advanced they are at such an early age.

This is our grand daughter, in heaven! Her favorite thing on this earth are puppies, so she was a happy girl. We got to see about four of them, our little girl among them.

So continue having a wonderful summer, each of you. I apologize for being so absent this summer, just busy with life. We get to bring our little bundle home on Aug. 8th, I can't wait. We're getting the nursery all ready (okay, play pen and kennel). I'm reading all these dog training books like crazy, really feeling like I'm going to be a new mom! It's been so long since I've had to potty train, train, etc. Really looking forward to it! So I'll be absent awhile longer!
Take care my friends! Miss you all.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hav one of these

To Hav or Have not?

What has Riki been up to these days? Oh its been busy! I have been traveling, visiting friends I need to catch up with since being back at the cabin in WA. I've been making jewelry like crazy, getting ready for my upcoming art festivals (listed on my blog).

AND, I've been busy shopping for a new workshop companion!
I just couldn't bring myself to get another yorkie, after Chester being the perfect doggie. So, WH and I decided to get something a little sturdier this time around. I'm having a hard time with that concept, and will miss having a yorkie, but I'm game to give it a try.

We have a deposit with a breeder, after an intense search, on this little girl Havanese. I didn't know anything about the breed, but I love what I've learned. Then I found out about every Hav on our island, and went to meet them all. They are a wonderful dog, very good temperament, great with kids, dogs, people. They love to learn, do lots of tricks, and are supposed to be terrific companion dogs. They get to be about 12-14 lbs, and about a foot high. Funny that that is a "sturdier" dog to me!

I'm hoping that if anything could steal my heart again, she could do it. She already has! We get to meet her next week, I can hardly wait. She is six weeks old here, next week seven. I'm hoping she picks us as well!

We need a name. Any suggestions???
Do you know anyone who has a Hav, stories please!

October workshop

in October!!!

October 16 & 17, 2010
Class Fee: $210
Kit fee: $40
Reservations: 805-459-3664

DIANA FREY and I have another workshop planned. It will be October 16-17, a Saturday and Sunday, at my house again. We are so excited about this one. It is a "double cuff" workshop. Diana is going to teach you how to make her "Pearls of Wisdom" cuff, published in the Spring 2010 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. And I am going to instruct the making of the Hinged Cuff I taught at Adorn Me in Houston. This should be a fabulous workshop, involving all kinds of skills...soldering, forging a hinge, etching, cold connections, wiring and more!

The good news is we still have space left. The bad news is that this workshop is already half full, and I'm just getting the listing up. So call or email Diana now, for a reservation! We would love to have you. It's going to be soooo much fun. To see more details, click the flyer.
Hope you can make it!