Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Workshop!

My oh my!
Lookie what we are going to make in a workshop!

Le Petite Photo Workshop Weekend!

November 3rd and 4th
in Claremont, Californina

Here is the link on my "classes" page for more details.
These little sweeties are about 2" or so, and are sooo much fun to make, you will love them.

Then we will make a vintage stand for them to 
be shown off!

I am so excited about this workshop!
You can put so many fun things on these little tres chic darlings!

Then on the second day, off to a flea market we go, to hunt for lots of goodies, 
and replenish our stash!

Now what could be more fun?
A delicious workshop with lots of friends, an instructor you LOVE, (wink)
then shop til you drop at a flea market?

I hope you can join us.
Space is really limited, so please email me asap if you are interested. This was announced already by the dear friend who is hosting me at her house, and the class is already half full!!

Lots of hugs,


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Artful Gathering Session 2

Thank you SO much for taking part in my first class at 
Artful Gathering. What a fun time! I know the creations are going to be amazing. Can't wait to see them all.

Today is the last day for registration for 
Session 1, and there is still four weeks left of class!

It's time to sign up for 
the second session!

Overcoming the Fear of Fire
Artful Gathering
July 15-August 25

All on line, and interactive with your instructor, me, for six weeks!
Here is a little promo I made, to give you an idea of the fun we will have.

This workshop is designed to help the beginner become familiar with butane torches, the variety available, and how to use them.  
What can you do with them? 
How do they work?
Can you ball wire? Float solder?

That is all here, plus how to set up mixed gases, and what are some possibilities with the Smith Little Torch.

Why not take this journey with me...
step outside your box,
introduce heat to your creations?

Here are some examples of how much you can do when you incorporate a torch into your creations...

solder rhinestones onto metal....

solder found objects onto metal...

you can even use a butane torch to enamel  (this is not shown in the workshop)

just a few examples of the wonder of mixing heat into your creations!

I am so excited about bringing this workshop to you, 
and ALL ON LINE!  
It is the first time being offered and I will be demonstrating many processes for you.

How to ball wire?
How to float solder on metal?
Just a few of the basics demonstrated.

If you have any hesitations on how to use your butane torch, or mixed gas torch,
this is the workshop for you!!

Get help using your micro butane torch with this workshop, time to get it out and make some fun jewelry or mixed media art!

Hope to see you there. 
Registration is now open. Just click the link at the top and class begins on July 15th!

Time to overcome that fear of fire!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend workshop!

This weekend,
I HOPPED over the pond,
the big pond, meaning the Puget Sound here in Washington,
from our island to Anacortes,
to teach a workshop!

On the ferry, was a passenger of a difference type!
She is 7 weeks old, they are still naming her.

Is this the cutest bunny you have ever seen?
I will see her in August at the San Juan County Fair,
wonder if I will recognize her?

It was a drizzly day, full of wind and moisture, so lots of clouds.
Shot through a window, there was no way I was going outside!
That's another ferry in the misty, cloudy distance.

And the workshop at Elisabeth's Cottage by the Sea in Anacortes was amazing!
We had a small and amazingly talented group.

OMG, we laughed and played, it was a ball!
I had so much fun. This group was a hoot!
Your smiles speak a thousand words and remind me why it is important for me to teach... smiles!

Thank you ladies, you were all amazing, and so much fun to play with, I can't wait for the next time.

Many thanks to our host, Elisabeth. You made the day so wonderful, and you were such a gracious host. Thanks for all your help, and for hosting me.

And kudos to my talented students Kate, Melinda, Raphael, Tracy and the unknown artist (Vikki), hee hee.

Look at their magnificent work! 
I'm so proud I'm blushing ladies!
Can't wait to see what you wire on and how you finish them.

So I hopped back over the pond to my island.
It was a grand Saturday!

Then the clouds opening up, somewhat,
and we went for a motorcycle ride all day Sunday. 

Hard for a weekend to get any better!

love and hugs,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My "deer" dog

Maddie wants the deer to play ball!

So today, I'm in my workshop, playing, designing, creating, having a ball.
And so was Maddie!
With a deer!

I look out the double glass doors, and there she is nose to nose with a young deer.  Neither of them was really looking nervous or scared.  It was quite the standoff.  The deer was slowly walking by, and Maddie just stood there to watch it.
What a site.  I finally figured out the deer was trying to get to the rest of it's family.  The mom was behind us, eating my flowers no doubt.  So the deer just walked past Maddie, and could have cared less about me. I was able to get a few shots, but this was the best one.  

It was pretty fun to watch.  Then the three deer leaped into the woods.

So this is what I was working away on today.
This is a work in progress.

More later on this project, and maybe more pics of Maddie and her new friend,
if they come around again!

Artful Gathering is going so well, wish you all were in the class.  People are collecting goodies for their frames, and very excited.  I can't wait to see what they create, and will be posting a few pics of their creations as they are designed.

You can sign up for the Romantic Relic Frames class until June 20th.

And don't miss the next workshop I'm offering:
Overcoming The Fear of Fire
July 15-August 25

I hope to answer all your questions about how to choose the right torch for you, and how they operate

If you haven't friended me on Facebook, please be sure to do so!
I'm posting progress on work, and all kinds of fun things daily.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Workshop in my studio summer 2012

Two New Classes
in my studio
on San Juan Island, WA!
In one of the jewels of our country, 
the Pacific Northwest.

This is a premier opportunity to take classes from me in my workshop this summer!
Space is extremely limited.  
We're talking up close and personal, so much fun!

Saturday August 18th, 10a-5p
Snow White Necklace Workshop
We will be cutting metal, forming wire, soldering metal, soldering rhinestone chain, and much more!
Beginners are welcome!

Sunday August 19th, 10a-4p
Earrings, earrings, earrings! workshop
In this workshop, you will learn the art of etching metal, and cutting out the etched metal to form earrings. You will be taking a couple pair of finished earrings home with you! Beginners welcome.

Here is your chance to visit one of nature's playgrounds, the Pacific Northwest.  I live on a remote island, available only by ferry or plane, on acres of wooded beauty.  Bring your husband, it is a perfect fishing haven.  Lots of lovely places to stay, and a quaint town to marvel at.
This is truly an escape workshop opportunity!

Space is really limited, so sign up now!
To reserve a spot (and a few are left), send me an email asap.
Hope to see you.


Island Artist Tour 2012

A good time was had by all...
at the 21st Annual San Juan Island Artists' Tour 
on San Juan Island in Washington state!

Thank you a thousand times over for such a wonderful tour this year.  I want to thank Jan Murphy, from Wild at Heart Studios and Margaret Thorson, with her beautiful hand made knits and woven rugs, for joining me. 

We had record attendance at the show this year, and even some guys showed up!

I did a few demos, in between the rain and wind! But that was fun.

And Maddie was on duty the entire time, charged as the official greeter and entertainer.
She was so exhausted after the first day, she collapsed!

So many thanks again to all who participated, all who visited and all who purchased our lovely hand made art work.  We truly appreciate the support and loved being able to open my studio up for you to see and enjoy.

Hope to see all of you again next year!