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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Artful Gathering Summer 2012


Just a taste of what I will be teaching this summer, on line, at the website Artful Gathering.  Go HERE for the link to the website, that is up now, open for registration only at this time.

There is a $5 registration fee that will eventually unlock more information about all the classes and info.  This is a steal, compared to most $50 registration fees you will pay at retreats!

This has been a highly successful way for students to learn.  When you go to the site, you will see the amazing line up of qualified and talented instructors lined up to teach in the next session.

I am teaching both sessions, but the second session hasn't been released yet.

In the first session, I will be instructing you on how to make a mixed media frame from scratch!! I am so excited about this.  This is an opportunity for me to reach those of you too far away to take a class with me in person.  I wish I could be on the East coast with this class, but this is a way to do it!  Take the class in your jammies, whenever you feel like it! I will be available for six weeks during the class, to help, answer questions, and instruct.  Take the class at your own pace.

This class is titled Romantic Relic Frames.  We will be cutting-bending-forming sheet metal, attaching all kinds of found objects, and soldering with a butane torch.  Fun, fun, fun.

I will walk you through each and every step, so all are welcome.

So go take a look!!  I will be available for the entire six weeks, to answer questions and help in any way I can, being right there with you every step of the way, all on line!

I'm so excited about this opportunity.  And released soon will be information for my second session class and details.

Thanks, and a big hug.  
Hoping to see you in my classroom.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ornament exchange


There is an amazing body of art coming out of this fabulous 
Ornament Exchange. It is a 12 Days of Christmas exchange, by some wonderful artists.

I've been following it on Rosa & Josie's blog with my good friend Diane Cook, who is taking part in the exchange.

This ornament is hand made by Melissa David, who had a life changing experience with surgery, experiencing complications, then being deeply moved.  Lovely wings.

And this one by Pilar Pollack, incorporating a milage into her ornament, with the sweetest girl with rhinestones and threads.  Love it.

So go visit if you can, it is worth the time.  Again, such beauty, inspiration and ingenuity is going in to each piece, hand made with a lot of love.

Love and Merry Christmas to all.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

So Grateful

Grateful for so many things....

Here is our sweet Sophia with my little Maddie. 

Go here to see why am so grateful...

This is my latest post on Molly Alexander's Grateful Living blog, such a wonderful blog.  One of the beautiful things in life to keep us grounded.  Thank you Molly for reminding us.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

Hi there, 

Santa's Elf Maddie here...

 Mommy doesn't know I'm writing you. 

If you need an idea for a gift to put on your Christmas list, maybe I can help?

There is a wonderful Precious Metal Clay class coming up in February.

Check it out.  Mommy and Diana taught this years ago, and have been asked to teach it again, how cool is that?

I plan to be there to help, so hope I get to meet you.

And I have been really busy, helping mommy and dad in the back yard, making these wood things.  I don't know what they are for, but mommy is really excited about them.  I heard her talking about how they keep her friends from burning their fingers while soldering, whatever that means.

But I have put my paw print on a few when she puts that blue stuff on, and walked all over the pavement!

Really fun!

So hope you see something to put on your Christmas list.

I hope Santa gets me a new squeaky toy for Christmas, and a new bone too.

I hope Santa brings you some fun for Christmas.

Lots of licks.