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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Spellbound event recap


As the old saying goes...a picture is worth a thousand words. The event was majestic, the hotel elegant, the hostesses warm, the service fantastic and the students....
over the top wonderful!!!! 

I taught two new classes, they were short ones, and taught them twice. A fun schedule and the students loved getting to take so many classes with the variety of talented instructors.

The amazingly elegant Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, CA. 
Beautiful name tags made by Shea Fergosa. Wow! 
 Our opening dinner in a grand ballroom. So beautiful!
 First workshop on Friday morning for me, leather and rhinestone wraps. They loved it!
 Look at these happy faces!!! Can't ask for more. Great job ladies.
 More happy students, loved it guys!! You rocked. Two down!
 Gorgeous samples from that workshop, Sparkle Charm bracelet.
 That is Beth Walker Quinn and me with the amazingly talented and inspirational Celeste Shaw. She gave a talk about her life as we enjoyed our delicious lunch.  I can't begin to described how she touched everyone with her presentation. See our red faces? That's from tears.
 Talented ladies I had the pleasure of teaching with. Me on the far left, then Pamela Huntington, Debbie Murray, Shea Fragoso, Terri Brush, Beth Walker Quinn and Colleen Moody.
More beautiful work by the second class of Sparkle Charm Bracelet. Fantastico guys!!!
 Look at those smiles. And they were exhausted after two days of workshops!!

It was dark outside for this last workshop, so its a bit dark in the room. But they rocked it!! Great job ladies. So proud of all who took the Sparkle Charm Bracelet who have never held a torch!! Yea!! No tears, lots of smiles, lots of celebration. So proud of you.
 When the work was over, more play began! So great to meet a new dear friend, Beth Quinn Walker. Kind of like you knew someone for years.
 Same with these sweet ladies!!! Loved partying with Marilyn Hill Thorne, Michelle Hurtt (who has the coolest mother ever, love you Nancy, and the infamous and darling Colleen Moody.
 Then Sunday rolled around, and off to the fabulous Pasadena Bowl Flea Market. LOVED it, have never been and would go back in a heartbeat. I heard it was expensive, and it was with some, but reasonable with others.

I made some fun purchases. I was a happy camper.

So that was the weekend!! A thousand thank you's to all my amazing and talented students. I'm going to list you here just to say thanks again.

Friday AM
Sue Elseth, Melanie Corbin, Shawn Street, Dawn Hoelzle, Stephanie Chavez, Karen Hansen, Susan Jose, Cassie Fisher Hughes, Lacy Renard, Dawn Seeman, Susie Karlsen, Judy Lewis, Sherry Hardy, Laura Gendron, Lori Dams, Jeanie Hatch, Kim Hupke, Ursula Nieto.

Friday PM
Tosha Leyendekker, Melanie Corbin, Linda Duke, Angela Howard, Dorothy Johnson, Julie Cottrell, Julie Baxley, Jenifer Hilliard, Stephanie Chavez, Karen Hansen, Lacy Renard, Rebecca Feeken, Betti Zucker, Amy Garcia, Judy Lewis, Jane Lunegard, Sherry Hardy, Charlotte Smothers, Jane Hart, Debora Rodriguez, Laura Gendron.

Saturday PM
Tosha Leyendekker, Michele Blythe, Kristen Brown, Katie Johnston, Linda Duke, Michelle Hurtt, Julie Cottrell, Julie Baxley, Jenifer Hilliard, Rebecca Feeken, Charlotte Smothers, Julie Strohman, Dalia Blevins, Cindy Sepulveda-Wood, Betti Zucker.

Saturday EVE
Emily Kinslow, Sue Elseth, Robin Sanchez, Shawn Street, Marilyn Thorne, Libby Burns, Cassie Fisher Hughes, Dawn Seeman, Teresa Young, Lori Dams.

Hope I didn't leave anyone out. I know a few of you cancelled at the last minute, I'm so sorry you couldn't be there with us. I don't know if there will be a next time. The ladies haven't announced anything. But I will have some cherished memories, as we all will for sure.

And thank you Shea and Debbie, for such a wonderful and memorable event. It was over the moon fabulous in so many ways. You two are amazingly beautiful ladies, love to you both.

Thanks for taking a look!