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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Round Top, TX Part 2

Here's a sample of the Round Top goodies!

Where has the time gone?
 I promised to show some pics of all the goodies I bought while slaving away in Round Top, going through boxes and boxes of items, on tables, under tables, tucked away places.  Every night I was covered with dust head to toe....so much fun!

I started a collection of the sweetest shaker jars, there are about five of them here.  I'm going to put small items, like MOP buttons and things like that in them.  Aren't they adorable?

 I got a huge amount of old hardware, lots of lockets, watches, some bling, stuff like that.

So I have to say, if you LOVE antique shopping with a passion, and don't mind hot weather, and pouring through miles of vendors, this is the place for you,  Round Top, Texas.  It is an antique lover's delight!  This event happens twice a year, and it helps to have a friend who lives near there, to stay with or share a room at a motel with (thank you Diane Cook, you are the best. )  Diane also carefully packed up all these goodies and sent them to me, what a sweetie you are.

More goodies, more lockets. The prices were all over the place. I didn't find any reasonable rosaries, I remember one person said to look for those.  I will eventually get some pieces on to Etsy, but need to kind of "live" with them for awhile, you know what I mean.  They are like new little children that have come to live with me!

Here's a bracelet I made with one of the little hardware pieces I bought at RT.  Love making pieces like this!!

And here is a picture of me today, at an antique show in a small town near us, that my friend, Diana Frey took of me in my Magnolia Pearl!  
It is so much fun to wear, and I wondered how it would be received in California!  So far so good, got a lot of squeals from a couple of ladies that recognized it immediately, asking if that is what it was.  Too much fun to wear.  Check out their website, www.MagnoliaPearl.com.  Beautiful website.

That's the "rest of the story".  Go to Round Top if you get a chance.  Make it happen!
I'm just about done making a gigantic amount of jewelry for my shows this summer, but are we ever "done"?  Of course not, and I have a LOT of pieces to use now!

Thanks to all those who have purchased a kit.  I'm working on a new one, hope to get it out in a couple of weeks, we'll see.

Thanks everyone, hugs to you.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Week in Round Top, TX

Yeeeeeee haw! Imagine this....

a full day of nothing but shopping for antiques and found objects, bling and beads, with friends, then eating great meals, playing and no work!   You get up the next morning, and start all over again, for a whole week!

That's what it was like in Round Top, Texas.  As you can see from the pics, we had no fun whatsoever! Round Top is just one of the cities that takes part in this event.  There are a number of surrounding little cities, with hundreds of vendors, buildings and tents, at all of them.

I made some wonderful new blogging friends.  This is a great group shot of the gang I hung out with.  From the top left, Sandy Navarro, Charlene Gray, Susie Hibdon, Karen Valentine, Joy Campbell.  Next row is lovely Rita Blanks, Cindy Crain, me, and the darling Diane Cook, my hostess for the week.
Thanks for your warm Texas hospitality to those of us visiting ladies.  A handful of us traveled from California, and Arizona.

Here is a typical lunch, with Texas sized ice tea, with free refills.  I must have filled that thing up about four times on the 91 degree day.  I almost melted!  But luckily, the weather improved.  Man was it hot and dry.  Then it rained, of course!

Here's Diane shooting one of our favorite Lace Lady booths.  This is a typical booth under a tent, and the tents went on for miles!  If you found something you liked, you had to get it then, because you might not find that booth again!  Or at least I couldn't.  

I just loved this mirror!  What a great idea, to attach vintage baby shoes to a round mirror!  So darn clever.

There are so many shots I took, it was hard to choose.  So many booths went to a lot of work creating those special touches, eye candy everywhere.

Here is Diane set up for a blog party on Sunday night.  Doesn't her display look wonderful?
Beautiful job Diane.  This woman is a saint, putting up with me for so many days, and is married to the nicest man on earth!  Thank you Allen, hope to return the hospitality one day soon.  Love you guys.

Have ya'all heard of Magnolia Pearl? 
Well, I had heard of it, but didn't really understand the attraction to the clothing, until I saw it in person.
I fell in LOVE, deep love, expensive LOVE if you know what I mean?

The lady that owns and designs this line of clothing, knows the art of display. I could have taken a hundred shots in her booth (which was six stalls, not one).

This sign is painted metal, with lights, and LOTS of burlap, everywhere.

This dress form with wings, was set up outside of her display, with live doves.  Is that cool or what?  Her theme this year was birds, so there were live birds everywhere.

This is Robin of Magnolia Pearl, with Susie (Vintage Susie) who helped me redo my blog.  I coined the phrase "getting Pearled" after buying some of her fun pieces.  Check out the website for a lot of romantic clothing, and darling models.

Sorry for not posting about this sooner, a cold got hold of me and tried to rip me apart when I got back last Wednesday.  I'm finally able to concentrate, and share the story.  

I have some pics of some of the goodies I bought.  They were hard earned, pawing through hundreds of booths, boxes, dust and then negotiating for a fair prices. Whew.  "I'm just sayin"... (that's Texas talk) I was tired by the end of seven days.