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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jewelry Affaire Article

I'm in the Autumn 2010 Jewelry Affaire!

Sumerset has a lovely new magazine, Jewelry Affaire, and I'm in the second edition, Autumn 2010. I just got my complimentary edition, and it is so nice to be among such talented ladies. My article is about recycling vintage ladies watches and putting fun words and pictures inside, then adding adornment. Very fun to do, and very simple.

There are some great articles. Check out "Burlap Bling" by Joy Gabler, and "Breathing Beside Us" by Deb Hodge. There are a ton of great "how to's", so be sure and pick up and issue. I'm assuming its on the stands now. They are looking for simple projects, so if you've been holding back about sending stuff in, this is the time!

AND...I failed to mention a dear blogging friend, Erin Prais-Hinz, is in this issue as well, with some beautiful pieces and a wonderful "how to" article! Way to go Erin! You can see more of Erin's work at her popular blog, www.treasures-found.blogpot.com.

AND of course I wouldn't let a post go by without showing Maddie off at 4 months! I took a quick video of her, she's such a big girl now. She went to the groomer for the first time today. OMG, I almost didn't get her back, they loved her so much!! Boy are those teeth coming in. We almost have "sit up" down, I'll show you when we have it mastered, ha ha!

Thanks for looking!! Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

California we arrived


And in one piece and everything. The trip was pretty uneventful...thank goodness!! You might remember that one of these trips up and down the coast, we were robbed in Redding, after our truck was broken in to in the parking lot of our motel. They took ALL my jewelry I had made to sell for the summer. That was a bad day, I said a bad word. Ah well, in the past now! I got past it and this trip was great.

Maddie did not get car sick! Yeah. Probably because I had some medication to give her if she did! Ha ha. She did great, just a little trooper. We drove about 5 hours per day, with lots of potty stops along the way. WH is big on stopping whenever our girl bladders make a request!

So we get to our winter home, Maddie doesn't get it. There's all this grass, and a big fenced yard. Not as many eagles, crows, deer, stuff like that. And what is beauty bark, a palm tree, and lots of smelly things on bushes, like a flower? What's that all about? It took her a day, and she is in love with the place..way more real estate than she is used to getting, being very restricted at the cabin. So the potty training is starting ALL over again, yikes. So far only one accident. We're going to try the bell thing, like hanging bells at the door. So she can ring them if she wants to go out. I'll let you know how that works!!

Here is what a Havanese looks like after a bath!! She's a little thing, five pounds now, and long and skinny. Wouldn't know it when she's dry!
Is that a smile???

And here's what a DRY Hav looks like!! Here she is just before we left the cabin, such a big girl going up the doggie stairs to the couch. I'm thinking this little girls isn't spoiled??

What do you think? Is she going to have a good life, ha ha!!

Thanks guys, hugs, Riki

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shout outs of some favs

Some of my favorites...

I was cruising this morning, like pretending I have lots of time to kill before the trip! I just can't help it, miss everyone, and trying to jump back in to my "other life" of reading blogs, I can still remember that! So, in playing for about an hour, I find this darling giveaway from Cat at Bell'Antico, aren't these the cutest little hearts. So, now that I'm starting to make a few hand sewn goodies, wouldn't this look darling in my new collection of sewing notions? Go see her beautiful blog if you get a chance.

I also stopped by Julie's blog at Praire Thistle, who's using French nudes in some work, (my fav), go check that out! Her piece is darling, with the little nude peeking through her piece!

Then there's another friend, Diane Cook, getting ready for her wonderful show coming up. Okay, I am a lucky girl to know so many talented ladies. Go see what she's up to at
Rosa & Josies, just darling pieces. If you ever wanted to know about the stone "jet" she wrote a beautiful definition. Really educational. Thanks Diane!

AND, another wonderful friend, Diana Frey, has been published yet again in Belle Armoire Jewelry!! Here's a peek at her article. If you haven't picked up you latest issue, you have missed this! And, I might add, we will be teaching some fun cuffs in October, and there is still room for you to join us!! Please do if you can, okay?

Okay, that's all of my favs I can post about right this second, but there are MANY more! I'll see you on the other end, when I'm in California. I'm off to my BIG reunion tomorrow, then on to the sunshine state, hopefully there's some sun, because it hasn't stopped raining here for days, and we're ready to blast. Maddie doesn't want to go potty in the rain. YIKES!
Take care all.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall is here!


I laughed so hard when I saw this on our island that I almost drove off the road. What a sense of humor this family has. They dress up these guys for every event happening on the island. They looked spiffy in their bee hats with the netting, over the summer. And strapping in their tent when the fair was here! Gotta love it.

Maddie is getting to be SO big. She's was 4.4 lbs. at the last check up, getting her last shots. She's ready to take on dogs now, and we know she loves them, because she wants to play with every one she sees. What a difference. Our Yorkie was so timid, and not socialized by the time we rescued him, he didn't want anyone to hold him, or want to play with dogs. She's just so EASY! Love it.

We're headed to California on Saturday morning. First my (ahem), big high school reunion, then on to CA for the winter. Big trip for short stuff, her first long journey. I'm sure she'll love it, if she doesn't get too car sick, which happens on every outing! Yikes.

So happy FALL everyone. Its sure happening here in Washington state. Colors are starting to happen, just lovely...except for alllllll the rain!! But the fog is almost spiritual.

Hope you're getting some beautiful fall colors where you are.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chosen for a Treasury

I was chosen for a Treasury on Etsy!!

This is very cool, and has never happened before. I don't know the artist, but the name listed is Knme, so thank you so much for including me in your selections! She titled the treasury "Going Batty" and picked a lot of fun selections. Take a look!