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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Under Construction!

I'm under construction!

For the next few days, I'm working with some talented folks to rework my blog!

So if you've landed here, and it looks all messed up,
(it's on purpose)!

New look to be seen soon, followed by a New Year party and celebration.

Yes, that means a fun GIVEAWAY to come, celebrating a new year, new blog look, new friends, new fun, new doggie, new exercise program, new....well, you get the idea!

So come back soon to see!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Family Portrait

Before we left the island in September, we had a great friend of ours, and talented photographer, Mark Gardener, shoot our portrait. This is one of those things WH and I always meant to do with our sweet Chester, and never did. Amazing how time slips away so quickly. So this time around, no regrets...with baby Maddie being only 3 months old, we took the plunge.

I'm so glad we did. She's 7 months old the end of December, and looks completely different.
Boy does time fly quickly.

Have a wonderful holiday each and every one of you. I wish we could all be together to bring in the New year, now wouldn't that be a party?

Much love and hugs,


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Box Number Two

My second box!

Oh, you just have to try making one of these boxes. If you have all day and the patience of a saint! Ha ha. I'm hoping they get easier, but the precision is for sure a test of everything I know how to do.

This little sweetie is made using some of that brass lamp wire stuff. Now there's a challenge. You have to be careful not to burn it up when attaching.

What do you think? Like the effect?

So, I probably won't be making a ton of these, but for now, my muse is sitting on my shoulder (thanks to Lynn Davis for reminding me of her) and we'll see how long she visits.

Oh its fun to try new things!! And have the time! I know I should be addressing envelopes, going Christmas shopping, you get the idea. But I think you need to grab the mojo when its flowing!! Don't you?

Happy Holidays everyone.

Housekeeping things...I just listed more items on my Etsy store, and remember, through the month of December, you get 20% off when you enter my code. Thank you to all who have purchased items, I hope your recipients LOVE them.

AND...Diana Frey and I have lots of room for the upcoming workshop in February, Queen for a Day. It will be at my house again, in Pismo Beach, CA. I just got an email from someone who signed up, her WH gave it to her for Christmas...hmmmm. Now is that a great idea or what? Flyer is on the sidebar, hope you can make it.
Lots of Love,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

I finished my first box!

Or kind of have. I just completed my second on-line course with Stephanie Lee, who is a genius a fabulous teacher, and incredibly talented I must say! The last week of the course was about how to build a box from scratch, using sheet metal and solder.

I LOVE boxes, always have. Don't know if that is a huge flaw in my personality, or just a fetish! But none the less, love them. Sooooo, after making many etched, pre-made boxes, and adding some fun decor, I finally got to try my skills at hand building one.

I'm hooked! It is too much fun. You have to be incredibly precise, and strong! And of course I couldn't start out small, like Stephanie suggested. This one is 5" x 3", made from sheet copper. I had a ton of copper, and its less expensive than nickel or brass. And I was too excited to etch first, which would be beautiful, so I just hammered the heck out of the sides. Turned out pretty cool.

Making the lid fit was a brain teaser. This is where precision in everything come in to play. And I wasn't, so it took me way longer than it should have. But I learned a lot!
I plan to adorn it with some fun things on top, then it will shine. Bling you ask??
Of course!

So there you have it. That is my big accomplishment for the weekend. I'm so proud, feel like a created a little baby! Glad it didn't take as long!

AND, some housekeeping. There are some wonderful giveaways posted on my side bar, please go look. And don't forget about my sale in my Etsy shop, everything is still 20% off, and it flying out!!
Just enter the code DECEMBERSALE20.
So if you have your little eye on something that fancies you, grab it! Or let Santa know right away!

Happy creating everyone.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December sale

Happy Holidays!

First things first.
Just posted a 20% off coupon for all purchases in my Etsy store, throughout the month of December. Thought one of you ladies might want to take advantage of some savings, and buy a gift for someone special...like yourself!!

So be sure and visit my Etsy store. Offer good while supply lasts.

And thought you might like to see little Maddie after her first hair cut!
She is too darn cute. She's 6 months old already, and going in to become a woman this week, no puppies for her.

Hope your Christmas shopping is painless this year!
Lots of love,

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving was fabulous


And so does WH! (That's Wonderful Husband for those who don't know.)

We got brave this Thanksgiving. First we bought a bread machine, thinking how cool it would be to make home made breads and rolls this holiday season. I was so excited to make my mom's 1930's recipe of butter horn rolls, I had never made them. Just watched her do it a hundred times, you've been there I'm sure.

So....we got the bread machine home, bought all the ingredients, and were ready to make it happen. Then, it occured to us that there were some VERY strange things in the recipe, that didn't match up with what ingredients we had???

For instance, "scalded milk"? A "cake yeast"? Hmmm.

I'll give you the recipe below, even though my sister reminded me this is a guarded family secret, so you can print it out, because after working with the instructions of a new, never used bread machine, AND altering the directions of a 1930's recipe that is a winner,

we created the most wonderful, light, mouth watering home made rolls you could ever make!

I felt like a kid again.
The aroma of these sweet rolls backing and the turkey with sage rubbed all over it was over the top.

I apologize for the for the out of focus photos, we were just in too much a hurry, and having to much fun to think about the focus factor! But you get the picture, ha ha.

I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was certainly thankful for so many amazing things. Thank you, each and every one of you for following my adventures. And now for the recipe!!

Butter Horn Rolls

1 cake yeast (we used dry from a packet for a bread machine, so no need to disolve first)
1 tablespoon warm water
1 tablespoon sugar
3 eggs
1 c. milk, scaled (don't worry about that, no need to scald, old idea)
1/2 c. sugar
1/2 c. butter
4 c. flour (we used bread flour for the machine)
1 teaspoon salt

(If you don't use a bread machine, you can follow these directions for the yeast)

Mash yeast in a bowl. Dissolve in 1 T. warm water, sprinkle over it 1 T. sugar. Beat with 3 eggs. Add milk (no need to scald now, its all pasteurized). Add butter, melt in milk. Add to mixture luke warm. Add 1/2 c. sugar, 4 c. flour, 1 t. salt. Mix to a soft dough (this is where we let the bread machine do it, and added the dry yeast to the top of the ingredients inside the machine).

Let dough rise until light, about 3-4 hours. When light, divide in half and roll out each half into a 9"-10" circle. Brush the circles with melted butter, cut each circle into 16 parts. Roll each piece beginning with the widest end. This should make 32 rolls.

Place on greased cookie sheet. Brush with melted butter. Cover with a dry cloth. Let rise until very light, another 3-4 hours. Bake in ot oven 375-400 degrees until brown (about 10 minutes).

TIP: to quick raise rolls or dough, heat oven for 1 MINUTE ONLY, at 400 degrees. Place rolls, covered with cloth, in oven. Should be doubled in about half the normal time.

Have fun, enjoy the recipe!
Hugs to all,

Monday, November 22, 2010

How is it made?

How are the fun bling necklaces created?

This pile of goodies, found by searching the countryside over for months....a little box filled with treasures, ones that were hand picked and negotiated,

combined with....

bling, my tray full of bling...
from the many trips to lots of Antique shows,
scattered far and wide all over the place...

results in this!

Thought you might like to see how these come together.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.
Hugs and love,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More bling

Fall is setting in....

and as it starts to settle in, and there is less daylight, for some reason my inspiration is getting stronger. Maybe it isn't Fall at all, but just getting past all the worry for the economy and loved ones, don't know.

How is YOUR inspiration right now?
Just as there is less daylight, and more rain, I seem to be burrowing into the studio. Are you experiencing this too?

Here's another fun piece, using one of the many rhinestone necklaces I bought at the Alameda Antique fair near Oakland, CA awhile back. I have so many found objects, its getting more difficult to figure out where to put them all, be able to see them, and make them mobile to move twice a year. Clear plastic storage containers seem to work. But I've laid out all the bling necklaces on a beautiful silver platter. I'll have to show you one day.

So, good luck on the creative juices everyone.
Hope fall is having the same affect on you.

Are you cooking for Thanksgiving? I am, the whole kit and kaboodle. Looking forward to it, since I haven't done it in a few years. We bought a bread maker and I am attempting my mom's 1930's butterhorn roll recipe! Yikes! Wish me luck!

And good luck to all of you who are cooking.

We all have a lot to be thankful for this holiday. I know I am.
I wish you a safe and delicious holiday!
Hugs and love to all.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Falling in love

Have you fallen knock down, drag out,
in love recently?

I have!
After losing sweet Chester in April, I just wasn't sure about getting another pup. Then WH said I should, since I was devastated, and thought I was losing my mind. Funny thing about grief, and those of you who have experienced it, know exactly how it affects you. You can't concentrate, or focus, you know the routine. That's a different kind of stress than my recent worry stress. But they both try to get the best of you, but you can't let it!

But, when is the right time to get another little pal? How long should you wait?
My answer is get one when you need to. Pretty simple.
Don't worry about the length of time.
So little Maddie came into our lives. Is she cute or what, with her little teal bow, to match mom's teal hair!! Ha ha.

The comments you left for me in a recent post regarding worrying for my loved ones, will stay with me for a long time. Such wonderful insight, sharing and caring. I want to think I can handle everything, be Super Woman, not let anything get to me. Be able to shake everything off.


This economy is coming at everyone with double barrels. It's affecting everyone, in one way or another. I think it's okay to talk about these things, and how we're feeling. I was hoping it would help others, and I think it did from the responses.

We're all going to get through the tough times. Goodness knows I've had my troubles, and things work themselves out, one way or another.

On one last note, just wanted to say I'm back in the saddle creating again. It feels so good.
How are you doing? Make something that makes you smile, it feels great.
Love and hugs to you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling lighter

You lifted my spirits!

I hope the love lightened your load as well.

Once again, you blogging sisters showed up at the storm, and welcomed me inside your safe haven for shelter. I am a lucky girl, to know all of you, and that you care so much. The comments that were left were so heart felt. I could feel the optimism, hopefulness, pain and worry, but especially love.
photo courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

Your advice and suggestions were wonderful.
My mind knows that these hard times my loved ones are experiencing are temporary...it's my heart that tries to hold on to hurt and worry. I'm working on getting into the 'mind over matter' stage. And like WH (fyi that is wonderful husband) says, break problems down into smaller pieces, then deal with what you can, affect what you can.

I'm feeling great after a good girl's weekend with my dear friend Diana Frey. Our shopping was rained out, so no flea market in Alameda, but food, fun and clothes shopping quickly took it's place. Great medicine for what was ailing me. Forget the weight of the world, put it on hold, for a few hours.

I am so sorry for all the pain you are experiencing too. My wish is that with all the wisdom brought to that post from our sister's comments, you too will find some solitude, and the right words to help you find your way out of a storm going on in your life. A few suggested praying, and that is great advice too. Whatever means we have to use to find peace, continue to create, for our sanity, and the happiness it brings to others, we will find it.

I strapping on my creative mojo today, I feel it waiting in the hallway for me. We've been disconnected for a week or so, but I see she wants to tag along today. I'm welcoming her with open arms, a lighter heart, and a smile on my face.

Thank you everyone. Let's create today!
Much love,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Heavy Heart

I have a heavy heart today, do you?

I have been reading some of your blogs for about the last six months talking about not being inspired.
I feel the same way.
I noticed that no one is talking about what I'm feeling, and that's okay. Its not something that you want to broadcast, feelings of feeling down, slightly depressed, worried, scared. I have some of those feelings. Its about fear for some loved ones.

I don't know if you have any loved ones going through really hard times right now, due to the economy, but I do? It is tearing me apart to see people you love...siblings...children...grand children...be victims of the aftermath of our current and cruel economy.

graphic courtesy of The Graphic Fairy

As a result, I worry. I knew I was a worrier, but haven't had a lot to worry about in the last few years. I retired 13 years ago, things have been rolling right along in such a great way, every day is Saturday. I have a wonderful little business, terrific clients, business is good. A few bumps in the road, but nothing serious, other than losing my sweet Chester the Yorkie, and a major theft. Okay, some small set backs. But you rise to the occasion, right? You pull yourself together and get through it all...that's because YOU can control YOU.

But this is different, I can't control what happens to my loved ones in some current situations. I can't fix these things. I can't put relationships back together, I can't save mortgages, I can't make cancer go away. And it is heavy on my heart. And creativity dries up and gets put on a shelf, gathering dust. How can I possibly go play when people you love are hurting so badly?

I had a long talk last night with WH, and he really helped me put things in perspective. He talked about taking all these things and separating them out. Deal with one situation at a time, and whether or not you can affect it. Break them all down into little things. Don't wad them up and let it consume you. I thought hard about that, and my first gut reaction was, "then I wouldn't care".

Wrong. I think by separating these issues, and dealing with what I can affect, is a great way to not only look at the big picture, but a healthier way as well. I was in advertising management for years, and remember how all the people that reported to me would bring me their problems, every day, every minute of every day. That was my job. I was getting paid to help them solve their problems. Obviously those problems were much less serious than the problems my loved ones are experiencing right now. Those people weren't in a crisis of any kind.

But can't the same principals be used? Help my loved ones deal with one day at a time. Break it down into little pieces and deal with that, one step at a time. Affect what I can, and try not to worry about what I can't.

I see today, after sleeping on it, this is a great way to deal with my worry. Every single predicament will move ahead, all the details will be tumbled, moved around, turned upside down, and still, the outcome will be the same, with or without my worry. I'm gently and lovingly handing the reins over to destiny today.

I don't know if you have a heavy heart, and that might be what is getting in your way of creating. Our country hasn't experienced this kind of set back in my life time. It has to affect each of us in some way, and even my sisters across the sea. We are all in this situation together, this economy. We are lucky to have each other to share with, and encourage. We will all move past this dark cloud, we will all continue to create and be inspired, all the while having heavy hearts for our loved ones. But moving past that.

We will all move past hard times and begin to be inspired and create again.
That is our destiny, I have to believe that.

Thank you dear ones for letting me share.
Much love,

Friday, November 5, 2010

Robin Dudly Howes class

I know its Friday!

I can't believe it is Friday already! Where did the week go? Wanted to post about what a great class I took from Robin Dudley Howes last Saturday, at an amazing store, Gilding the Lily. I was headed to Orange County here in CA to visit the kiddies, and celebrate Halloween, so the timing was perfect to take a Robin class.

She was teaching a soldering iron class, making these darling reliquary pieces. You can put anything inside, like bird pics, etc. I had to get difficult by adding things to the top. I hadn't picked up a soldering iron in over 35 years, so attaching objects to the front was challenging. But Robin made it happen. I was doing pretty well until my soldering iron starting surging with the power source for some reason. But finally, it was done, wings attached, bling added. Great job Robin, great class!

I brought extra bling, and lots of ladies had some sparkle in their pieces. You can't go without a touch of bling, right ladies?
We started with little match boxes, amazing!

Here is sweet Robin, a great teacher!
Did I mention she's also a belly dancer? Did I mention I used to do that in college?

Here's the gang in the shop. You have to visit that shop if you're in the Fullerton, CA area, and they sell on line too. Nancy, the owner, is the nicest lady, happy to help.

And here's our little sweet ponies at their home. Too cute for a Mad Hatter and a little Princess (of course).

I'm off to Alameda again this weekend. Yikes! More bling?
No doubt.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010


Have a safe and fabulous Halloween everyone!
I'm off for the weekend to visit the kiddies and pass out the candy.

I hope to report back that Maddie leaves her princess dress on for at least two minutes!
Happy sweet tooth.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My talented friends

I'm a lucky girl!

Every now and then, you just get lucky. I must have eaten my lucky charms, because I have so many talented friends in this blogging world. If I haven't mentioned lately how many talented ladies I've met through blogging land, shame on me.

So I would like to showcase a few right now.

Below are a darling pair of earrings made by the talented Maire Dodd. Not only are these beautiful, they are mine! I was lucky enough to win these in her on line contest at Love My Art Jewelry, where she is a contributing artist with some other talented ladies.

Maire describes these earrings as "journey earrings...the powerful symbol of the unending circle, combined with papers preserved in resin that encourage one to live...hand dyed fibers in beautiful blue/green...and iolite-a stone for spiritual seekers which helps to balance the yin/yang energies".

I love the beautiful insight, thoughtfulness and love that goes in to her work. I have worn these many times already, and they feel good. Not only beautiful, but knowing a dear friend made them.
Thank you MJ.

Another talented designer, and dear friend, is the lovely Diane Cook. I was lucky enough to meet Diane in the blogging world, take a three day workshop with her in LA, then got to teach with her in Houston at Adorn Me last March. I find Diane to be a very talented designer, a wonderful teacher, has a wonderful flare for composition, and one heck of a photographer. She is on fire these days, incredibly busy in the jewelry world and great at organizing challenges.

So....here's you chance to play! Diane has set up a challenge to use beautiful findings by her favorite finding supplier, Brass Bouquet. The button is on my sidebar, so just click it for the details. She's got a fun challenge she's organized.
Way to go Diane.

Thanks for getting to know my friends!
Hugs to all.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Princess Maddie

She's all set for Halloween! Our little girls is 5 months old this week! Can you believe it? Where has the time gone? I've never had a little girl doggie, so of course she is our little princess. Finally, I get to dress up a girl for Halloween! Chester got to be a devil every year, because the costume was so funny. But now....pink and princess!

I got her to hold still long enough for a shot by giving her a chewy bone! Lovely in the picture, but this is the only one that isn't blurry. You know what I mean! Forget the tiara!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment about my "bling" necklaces. The verdict is these should sell. I really appreciate each of you leaving me some feedback, because I really wanted to know what you think of this collection.

Here are a couple more I've finished. They are just so much fun to work on. I am feeling the pull back to do some etching and soldering, but for now, found objects, deeply hidden away, are getting new life.

The brass piece below is from France. Bought it at an antique show. Love it.

And the medal on this one is from a wonderful military shop in Victoria, Canada, that my friend Diana Frey recommended, and my friend Jill Rockwell took me to when I was visiting. Thanks girlfriends!

Thanks for looking guys. I'll post more as they get done!
Bling anyone?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

rhinestone fun

Could use your HONEST opinion!

Remember all the fun bling I bought at the Alameda Antique show weeks ago? Tons of bling in the form of vintage earrings, buttons and necklaces. To say I got carried away is putting it mildly. But they are just sooooo beautiful, and I wanted to play with some new ideas. If you knew how many found objects I've been collecting over the years...well, suffice it to say that its tough moving them around all the time, with all the containers they are in.

So here's my thinking. Make some really feminine pieces, since a client has requested I make some more "girlie", and use up a ton of found objects, and the bling from the "collection" I now have.

So, what do you think of using these vintage rhinestone necklaces?
Will the ladies buy them?
Who do you think the target is, income wise, age wise?

Do you like these, and can I improve upon them? I'm not used to all the bling, but I've worn these out, and I have to say, are very fun!

Would love to hear from you. Thumbs up??
Hugs and love to all,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Upcoming February Workshop

Our next workshop...

Queen for a day

Diana Frey and I are now filling the next workshop, Queen for a day. We are so excited about this one. There will be two projects (more if we have time). I am going to show you how to etch my sweet little boxes, then adorn them. We are going to make a crown from scratch, how fun is that? Click the flyer about to read all the details. And Diana is going to show you how to make a darling box bezel, fill it, and make a beautiful pendant to hang.

These projects will surely produce royal bling!
Hope you can join us.
To reserve your spot email Diana at belladonna1351@charter.net
Please don't wait too long!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the Cuff workshop

What did Maddie do this weekend?

She helped out all weekend! She was exhausted.
Diana Frey and I completed another workshop, and it was so much fun.

Here is the "Wonder Woman" shot, with all the ladies modeling their beautiful cuffs they completed. Everyone made one, or more, each day.
Diana and I were thrilled that everyone finished their projects both days.

Here are a few close ups of some of the completed hinged cuff bracelets.
Sorry ladies, I don't know whose these are, but they are awesome!

This is the handout we included at each of their stations, giving instructions to take home.
Don't you love that skeleton with the bling?

And here is the kit I teased you with earlier. Diana and I made these from scratch, it was a blast. They are heavy cotton, cut out with plastic on the inside. We stamped them, then sewed them. I used my new machine, the electric one I LOVE. Diana brought some beautiful fabrics, and satin ribbon, and we sewed vintage skeletons from the Alameda antique show, to the front. Too darn cute, huh?

And of course candy was inside as well, for that necessary midday break!

Here's Lady Di at work instructing on Saturday. Great smile Diana!

And here I am on Sunday, with a silly look on my face for some reason! Good to see they are taking notes! Way to go ladies, you did great. We are so proud of all of you.

Here is the lovely group shot. You can almost see Gwynnie and Marlene peeking out back there. Thanks again Susan, Brenda (from San Diego area), Gwynnie, Marlene, Sara, Jackie, Tricia, Jennifer (from Las Vegas area), Carrie, Mari, Pat, Christina and Julie!
Thank you to many returning for another workshop from the dynamic duo!
We truly appreciate it, and loved having every single one of you in class.

The next workshop was announced in the class, and many signed up.
I'll post about it tomorrow.
I will tease you with crowns, bling and fun! The dates are February 26-27.

Hope to see you next time!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

On the cuff class this weekend

On the Cuff class
is this coming weekend!

And do we have some wonderful surprises in store!!!

This photo is just a teaser of what we made for the class. I can't tell you what it is yet, don't want to give anything away. What I can tell you, is that EVERY student gets one!
Pretty cool, huh?

And WH and I were busy at work today making some hand made bench pins for the student to use. I got the idea from Thomas Mann when I took his class in Houston at Adorn Me. He had hand built bench pins for each student, because we were going to do a lot of sawing with our jewelry saws. And boy were those handy. The challenge here is making sure they fit on those dang plastic eight foot tables. For those who teach, these are incredibly handy. Then use C-clamps or adjustable clamps to clamp them on the table for each student. You never know what tables you are going to be supplied to teach with at a convention! I learned that quickly.

Here's WH cutting the patterns out for the bench pins.

Here is an attractive picture of me sanding each one with the new belt sander. I use this for metal too, its fabulous, thank you Jill! And it is over 80 degrees out there today! Yikes. Ah well, just an excuse to go get a cold drink and watch a movie until it cools off!

And here's what they look like when done.

If you're coming to the class, feel free to dress up for Halloween! If you can't make it this time, hope to see you another time. We're working on the next class, so stay tuned!

Oh, and Happy Halloween all you little goblins!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend treasures!


We had a ball!! Diana Frey and I went to a darling antique show in a neighboring town, Nipomo, on Saturday, called Remnants from the Past. It is a darling show that happens twice a year. Ladies were in line at 7:30am, and the doors didn't open until 9am! I'd call that a success.

And guess who was there? Amy Hanna! That was fun. I hadn't seen her since we taught at Adorn Me in Houston last year. She is such a nice lady, and was gracious enough to pose for a photo with Freddy, a wonderful French man, who has a great store in SF and had a booth at the show. I tried using what little French I know, that took about two seconds! Good thing his English is so good. Not bad to look at, huh?

Here's some fun pics of some of the wonderful things I saw. I would have taken more, but I was having too much fun shopping with all the
eye candy!

The show had a ton of vendors, with beautiful things. Gwynnie was there from Gwynnie B designs, a great friend here in the Central Coast of CA. Check out her work, it's lovely. She specializes in pmc work.

Okay, now for pics of some of the haul I brought home. Three baby dolls came home with me. Aren't they adorable? The two heads I got at the Alameda Antique Fair in SF, and the little girl from the Remants of the Past show in Nipomo. That's ALL the dolls I'm buying! They can join my other little doll head in my workshop and keep me company.
And did I say BLING?! Here's a small sample of all the bling I picked up. It will be so much fun to play with these and add some fun found objects. I had the bling bug! Diana and I had too much fun, spent the entire day going to all the booths we could get to. So many beautiful things, but I bought from vendors I could afford. Some were out of site! You'd think they would drop their prices with the economy on its patoonie!

I didn't mention that Diana and I got to spend a lovely evening with Catherine Witherall!! We went to a fabulous restaurant and spent hours chatting away over yummy food. She is a doll, and lives in the SF area, so we got to hook up over dinner. Then she joined us the next day to shop a little, but we weren't the greatest company...we were HAULING! Great to see you Catherine! You can visit her blog at Happy Day Art. She makes beautiful pmc jewelry and always has amazing information to teach you about cool stuff!

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the pics.
And if you're looking for something new to learn, Diana and I still have some room in our upcoming "On the Cuff" class coming up Oct. 16-17.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm so excited!
I get to go antique shopping
all weekend!!

Tomorrow, my fabulous weekend journey begins with my dear friend, and partner in crime, Diana Frey. We are starting our journey early with a trip to a sweet little town called Nipomo. There is a darling antique show there on Saturday called Remants of the Past.

I try to pick up things for my jewelry, but you know how that goes. It never fails I fall in love with something that will look so darn cute in the workshop, I can't resist.

I'm really going to try to hold out for the next adventure, the Alameda Flea Market on Sunday in Oakland, CA. They have hundreds of vendors! It takes all day to wade through the booths, and I hardly ever finish. After we finish at the first little antique show, we're driving up the coast to SF and settling in the for night, after a fabulous dinner. Then is it early to rise at o' dawn hundred, and try to be at the GIANT flea market at 7am or so. Whew.

Then the four hour drive home, after we've "dropped"!

I hope to make some "wise" choices, and pick up some pretties that I can turn into some wearable art.
Wish me luck with that!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jewelry Affaire Article

I'm in the Autumn 2010 Jewelry Affaire!

Sumerset has a lovely new magazine, Jewelry Affaire, and I'm in the second edition, Autumn 2010. I just got my complimentary edition, and it is so nice to be among such talented ladies. My article is about recycling vintage ladies watches and putting fun words and pictures inside, then adding adornment. Very fun to do, and very simple.

There are some great articles. Check out "Burlap Bling" by Joy Gabler, and "Breathing Beside Us" by Deb Hodge. There are a ton of great "how to's", so be sure and pick up and issue. I'm assuming its on the stands now. They are looking for simple projects, so if you've been holding back about sending stuff in, this is the time!

AND...I failed to mention a dear blogging friend, Erin Prais-Hinz, is in this issue as well, with some beautiful pieces and a wonderful "how to" article! Way to go Erin! You can see more of Erin's work at her popular blog, www.treasures-found.blogpot.com.

AND of course I wouldn't let a post go by without showing Maddie off at 4 months! I took a quick video of her, she's such a big girl now. She went to the groomer for the first time today. OMG, I almost didn't get her back, they loved her so much!! Boy are those teeth coming in. We almost have "sit up" down, I'll show you when we have it mastered, ha ha!

Thanks for looking!! Have a wonderful day.