Saturday, November 20, 2010

More bling

Fall is setting in....

and as it starts to settle in, and there is less daylight, for some reason my inspiration is getting stronger. Maybe it isn't Fall at all, but just getting past all the worry for the economy and loved ones, don't know.

How is YOUR inspiration right now?
Just as there is less daylight, and more rain, I seem to be burrowing into the studio. Are you experiencing this too?

Here's another fun piece, using one of the many rhinestone necklaces I bought at the Alameda Antique fair near Oakland, CA awhile back. I have so many found objects, its getting more difficult to figure out where to put them all, be able to see them, and make them mobile to move twice a year. Clear plastic storage containers seem to work. But I've laid out all the bling necklaces on a beautiful silver platter. I'll have to show you one day.

So, good luck on the creative juices everyone.
Hope fall is having the same affect on you.

Are you cooking for Thanksgiving? I am, the whole kit and kaboodle. Looking forward to it, since I haven't done it in a few years. We bought a bread maker and I am attempting my mom's 1930's butterhorn roll recipe! Yikes! Wish me luck!

And good luck to all of you who are cooking.

We all have a lot to be thankful for this holiday. I know I am.
I wish you a safe and delicious holiday!
Hugs and love to all.


Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Riki,
Fall definitely has a positive affect on me. It always has. While others might complain about the loss of daylight, I love it! It's still quiet and sad in our house without Albie but it helps a little to pick up a pen and some paper or a needle and thread and make something pretty. And speaking of pretty, your necklace is s t u n n i n g !! I love how you've put it together and made it so special. It depicts such a beautiful story; I love the little key.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Hi Riki,
we are escaping! We will go back to the desert riding motorcycle this year. The kids love it and since we have been working so hard we are going away. I love my bread maker. We actually never make bread with it, we use it to make the dough for the white bread and baking still in the oven. Also the bread maker has the best pizza recipe EVER! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving
Ciao Rita

Alice said...

I love Autumn, but it always brings tons of activity with it. I'm so busy I don't even have time to create even a little.

Lovely necklace! That's some wonderful inspiration in itself.

We'll be headed to my twin sister's home for Thanksgiving and I only have to bring a couple dishes. Lucky me!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sweetie!

Suz said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Riki! What a beautiful, funky necklace you have mde. I love it. I understand the problem of finding places for your found pieces and ways to keep them mobile. I can't even find ways to keep them organized here!
Hope you will show us the rest on your trays!

romantic decay said...

Your necklace is very cool!
And yes your still considered a biker chick . . a bike is a bike:)
Have a great Thanksgiving.

Lisa said...

love this creative gem...lots of great eye candy! i think the shorter daylight makes one inclined to nest and create.. especially with the Holidays approaching! My incentive for not leaving the studio= i can't remember where i stored my stuff If I'm away too long.. can't believe you schlep your studio goodies to and fro twice a that takes organization!
Happy thanksgiving Riki!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Hello Miss R,

Even though it doesn't get cold here really it does cool down and the humidity drops to a livable point, it does get dark much earlier. And yep I do notice that the motivation and inspiration does go up! :)'s just LW&I for T Day. We were able to find the only (I'm sure) turkey breast in all of Mazatlan!!!! Most years it's huge frozen turkeys. Turkey isn't eaten a lot here. Usually it's used as buffet or appetizers for parties at Christmas.Smoked is really popular for that, but we only see turkey for the Christmas Holidays.

Miss R your new piece is amazing. I knew you would have fun creating with your Alameda finds, they were just way to cool!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving Lit'l Sister. And Thank You so very much for being an incredible artsister and friend!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Domna said...

Riki,it's really cool!

Lynn Stevens said...

Gorgeous Riki!!! I'm hibernating from the snow in my studio these days myself.
We are doing turkey day here too. I have lots to be thankful for this year mosting because I'm STILL here!
I'd Love to see your tray of bling, Bring it on!!!
I'll be drooling I'm sure!

Diane said...

Beautiful piece Riki =) Great wrapping incorporating those wonderful found objects!
I wish you the best with your rolls...I will be cooking, but will be taking it on the road, stopping in San Antonio to eat it with my daughter, and then onto South Texas....the wild is calling!

farmlady said...

This is a lovely necklace. I really like the big center piece with the cat in it. Looks like Latin writing around the cat. Wonder what it says.
As for the creativity of cooler weather. I feel it. It's a freedom from the incessant heat of summer, here and the element of change. It sparks the fire of imagination.... it makes me sit longer, think harder and do more.

Sara said...

Hola Riki, que gusto visitarte,es una pieza muy hermosa parece sacada del baul de mi abuela. Besos.

Kim Palmer said...

What a lovely piece Riki! Great use of all those bits. Hope your Thanksgiving is fabulous and good luck with all the cooking.

sharon said...

Your necklace is so gorgeous Rikki! I love the combination of elements, and the subtle calm, warm looking color of it!
Wishing you the best holiday!

Barbara Lewis said...

What a beautiful piece, Riki! And is that Viking knit I see? I've been wanting to learn that for some time!

Unknown said...

Aww that is a really beautiful pc!
So beautiful made and I can see that love was woven in there too! oxo

Debbi Thinks Deep said...

Hi Riki! I have a thought . . . it works for me. In the interest of full disclosure, I should say it works for me on those occasions that my work table has space enough for creativity. I want to see all of my goodies at once, you know how the creative process works . . . so I mounted a giant pinboard over my work table. Everything that can be pinned to it, is. I use boutonniere pins {but then, I'm a reformed florist}. :) Here's a link for a photo. Just in case it would work for some of your goodies, too! Of course mine couldn't hold a candle to yours! And I love the gorgeous things that you make! I'm biding my time till I get to take one of your weekend workshops!