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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make Art in LA workshop, 2014

Three words describe this workshop at Make Art in LA, in La Brea, CA.

They came for some fun and to learn a few things,
and I think that happened!!
 You ladies were incredible!!
 We had a lot to learn and get through, and they did it all!
 There were many who had never held a butane torch in their hand, and they did so well, I was incredibly impressed.
 There was a little cutting, filing, and soldering
Then hand finished with a touch of pantina added.
 It was a sold out workshop, and we can't wait to get back there again next year.
It's already on the calendar, March 21-22.
Love the intensity and concentration!
And a lot of laughing as well.
What more could an instructor hope for?
Chocolate, ha ha. Mel took care of that!
Thanks Mel.
 Here is me and sweet Barb Buckles. Thank you Barb, such a great time everyone had.
Can't wait until next year.
Queen's Lace was so much fun, and everyone work turned out scrumptious!

 Most everyone is here. Many, many thanks to
Carol A, Theresa, Ally, Julia, Kim, Janett, Kathie, Caroline, Becky, Diane, Lora, Melanie,
Susan C, Renee and especially Barb. 
Becky, hope you are feeling better, and hope to see you next time!
I loved every minute of it. And got to have my sister there to help out, that was wonderful. Thank you Kami for all your help. You are the best.
lots of love, and until next time!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Artful Gathering Treasure Hunt

Play along in the 
Artful Gathering Treasure Hunt!
We are having a treasure hunt and it is really simple to play along. This is the first week of the clues. It is described in the box just here below.  Find the secret Big Red Square somewhere on my blog to get your first secret word! It is a red block, on my side bar, that has a crown in it!

Then go to www.artfulgathering.com to read all about the rules and prizes.

Most of we artists have donated really wonderful prizes for you to win. There is a bit of everything!

 Here's what I donated!!
Fun huh?

 And here are a few pictures of my workshops that will be on 
www.ArtfulGathering.com this summer.

Downton Heirloom Bracelets
June 7- July 17
Both segments are about making bracelets from antique napkin rings!

This is a picture of the two kinds of bracelets we will me making.  
One part the Soldered Bracelets and
the second part making Encrusted Bracelets around frames.
So much fun, I'm really exited to show you how to make these beauties.

Stackable Boho Bracelets
July 16 - August 26
Get your bellbottoms out of the closet, strap on a head band and get ready to make some fun Stackable Boho Bangles!  These are so much fun to make, and incredibly entertaining to wear.  I can't wait for you to learn about all the techniques I packed in to this workshop as well.  Wear them one at a time, or layer them.  They are lightweight and jingle with enthusiasm!!   

 Both workshops are really great for all levels.  I will be available to help and give feedback for the entire six weeks of each class.  The feedback I get about AG while teaching at in-person workshops is remarkable.  People love the classes. 

So I hope you will play along with the Treasure Hunt, as well as join us in the 
wonderful array of workshops being offered by an extensive list of talented instructors
this summer!


I will have a limited supply of kits available in my Etsy store for each session.