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Sunday, October 27, 2013


OMG, so I grabbed my camera yesterday to shoot a couple of things. You remember what that is right, the thing with the memory stick in it and you carry it separately in it's protective case? And low and behold, these photos from Art is You were in there!

I'm so excited because I didn't think I had shots from Friday's class, but I do. Whew. I really wanted to share the fun we had, even if at this late date.

So from the Cast Some Magic class on Friday I got a shot of....

The lovely Carol and Ann 

Smiling Irene, Kathy and Jane, darling smiles girls

Smiling Carol's assembling her cast pieces

And here are Shawn and Zsoka washing their pieces

A few of the amazing castings they made, 
and the top three are wound in to beautiful necklaces.

Zsoka stayed a little late, and I was able to get a picture of her completed necklace. Great job! It is really beautiful with the blues.

Wonderful job ladies!! I'm so glad I found these photos. You each were so much fun to have in class.

Until next time!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Art is You, Sept. 2013

was full of fun, friends and creative juices flowing non-stop!

WHAT an honor! This was my first time to teach for the lovely Sallianne and Ellen who are the organizers for the amazing ART is YOU retreats, all over the nation.  I was invited to teach in Petaluma this September, and the fun did not stop.

I had THE BEST students for three days of workshops, and a wonderful vendor night. Here are a few shots from the two Cast Some Magic classes, and from the Le Petite Photo frame workshop. I'm still on the moon from the fun, the food and the friends I made.

The students did an amazing job!!  I was so busy on Friday and Saturday, I failed to get shots of each of their smiling faces, so sorry guys, next time!  But I did manage to get shots from the Sunday participants. 

Here are some of the casts they made from Cast Some Magic. I'm so proud of their work, it was just sensational. Some made the castings in to necklaces, and some just cast all day, because it is so addictive!! Great job ladies.

Some of the amazing little frames they made in the frame workshop. Love the variety of items they tried out, worked in and designed with.  So darn creative, great job!!

Great job on your's Becky!! You got that bird to stay on, yeah!

A charm bracelet and a necklace made with some of the castings. Beautiful.

 My fabulous classroom! Love the natural light and openness of this room. I got spoiled for sure, it was a delight to teach in this workshop for three days. Plenty of light, plenty of room for everyone. 

Hi Mel, hi Anne!

Hi Yolie and Diane! Doing great!

Hi Karen and Kadee! You guys rock as well!

My sweetest Lois, you were so much fun!

Hi Susan, you did a great job!

Little Jesse, there with her mom, doing amazing, fearless work!

And a real treat to have my dear friend Zinnia there!
She overcame her fear of the micro torch, and here she is, great job Zinnia!

I finally got to meet Kecia! You are a doll girl!

And got to give Sallianne and Ellen a hug finally on the last day, when everything slowed down just a tad bit. You two are the greatest! 

You ladies were a blast, I loved teaching you, sharing and getting to see big smiles on each of your faces.  Thanks for being there!
Here is Ann, Mel, Becky and me in the dining hall.

Did I mention how amazing the food was? It was great! And for this almost vegetarian, I got plenty every day of delicious food.

This is what an art retreat is all about. Making new friends, reconnecting with old friends, having fun, and being inspired to create. The amazingly talented Rice Freeman-Zachery and Earl were there the entire time capturing fun moments, as well as holding inspirational morning discussions with teachers. Teesha Moore showed up to give some inspirational talks that everyone loved.

I loved meeting the instructors, most I have not met before.  You guys are so talented!

So again, thank you so very much, and loved getting to know each of you!!
Kathy Y
Andrea C
Kim D
Toni F
Carol F
Jane H
Ann H
Carol L
Irene L
Carol L
Zsoka S
Shawn S
Elaine C
Anne F
Linda H
Lois S
Randi S
Becky S
Mel T
Lisa W
Yolie G
Susan H
Diane J
Kadee M

Did a little shopping at the store as well!!

My little Gigi going home with me!

Until next time!!!