Friday, July 29, 2011

Maddie & The Frog

Don't forget to stop 
and smell the roses today!

Maddie likes our little visitor.

"You NEVER  know what a day will bring."
A quote by WH's mom.

Make it a good day my friend.




In the Light of the Moon said...

Thanks Riki..Hugs,Cat

Charlene said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!Isn't she precious!!!! Just makes me want to hug her! Elle just a trip to the "beauty parlor" today & she's so soft! I'm so glad you found out about our girls. So precious. SOME DAY THEY MUST MEET! Did I tell you we met 2 Havanese in the RV park in Houston? From Tampa FL. Beji & Hannaha... CUTE! HUGS!
Charlene & Elle

Anonymous said...

Can't believe how big and blonde Miss Maddie is! She was once the size of that adorable frog :)

I held a beautiful butterfly in my hands yesterday and felt the Earth stand still for just a wee moment. Quit special.

Have a supergroovycool weekend, dahling =-)


Jen Crossley said...

She is so beautiful boy maddie has grown

Diane said...

I can smell that beautiful rose all the way to Texas! Mmmmmmmm =)

Jenny said...

WH's mom is so right. That is why I make an effort every morning to make it a great day or as great as it can be. Make it a great weekend Riki. Say hi to that cutie pie maddie.


Pattie said...

Awww the little treasures we learn from children and pets, priceless!! To look at the world with such curiosity and adventure, pure magic I think.

It so good to be able to read your voice dear art sister!! It's more then wonderful to be back home in Bloglandia I can't even begin to tell ya!!! Oh and I see you have been ever so busy this summer. Good for you! And what a feather in your cap to have Steph ask you to teach her class!!! You have come a long way in such a short time lit'l Sister!!! I'm so proud to call you a friend You have worked hard and deserve all the rewards you have received!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Esther said...

beautiful pictures Riki!! the first one .. wow ;. a fairy tale, just add a crown to the frog .. lovely!

Diana said...

This is the sweetest that little froggie and my girl Maddie. Miss you guys!
Auntie Diana from Phoenix

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