Thursday, April 26, 2012

Win a Workshop

Don't forget to enter my contest to win a workshop with me!!
It's on the post before this one.

Here's a little promo Artful Gathering did about my workshops.

I'm so excited about these classes and meeting each of you.

The Artful Gathering Blog Hop is concluding! Be sure to visitJerry's Artarama Blog Page for the last two words in the collection. Winners will be announced on May 7.


Registered attendees will receive access to our private event starting May 3rd. Workshops will be available for purchase & kits will be offered by instructors for sale in their Etsy Stores. 
Join the fun!

Romantic Relic
Riki Schumacher
June 6 - July 17
Personalize your own unique customized relic frame while learning many creative  techniques at the same time.You'll be drilling, and soldering, and designing your way through this fun and in depth workshop. And, what's even more awesome is that it is appropriate for all levels. Get your feet wet in this fabulous art form, or add some new applications to your metalwork experience. Includes rich detail and demonstrations. 

Overcoming the Fear of Fire
July 15 - August 25
There are different types of torches used in soldering and metal  work, which one to get? Which one to use?
Big torch? Little torch? Maybe it's all just too scary to think about. No need to worry! Riki is here. Fire is good! Especially when you can use it to create so many beautiful works in a variety of metals. 

No reason to hesitate here, in this class Riki will introduce you to different types of torches used in metal work, along with some clearly demonstrated  examples as to how to use them and when.Overcome your fear of fire, and step into a whole new world of creating.
Art Workshops! Random Prize Drawings! Fun! Creativity! 

No Travel. No Fuss. 

We bring our Art Retreat to Your Computer

Workshop Spotlights....
Still Pursuing Portraits
Pam Carriker

Elements of Chinese Landscape Painting
Henry Li
Mixed Devotions
Cristina Zinnia Galliher
Up, Up, and Away
Iva Wilcox
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