Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Adorn Me stories

More Adornment!

I took a two day class from legend Thomas Mann called "The Found Object Sandwich". Wow, it was really intense, but fun. He handed out the kits, that included some materials for the pin we were to make, as well as a 24 page instruction book! No wonder this was a two day class. If you didn't know how to use your jeweler's saw before, you would after this class. Of course I loved the intricate sawing, alignment of mini hardware, and the hand laborious hand finishing, this was right up my alley!

The object was to bring a photo, most of us brought antique photos. Then he resized them to fit within the finished size of our pin.

This picture is what I started with. We began making layers, templates, too much fun. It was great to see it all come together. Patience was a virtue making this project. There were ladies in this class that had never held a jeweler's saw before, I was so proud they finished, and everyone's pieces looked amazing.

This is Thomas in action. I couldn't move fast enough! He's a very nice man, and quite hip, don't you think?
He lives in New Orleans, and luckily didn't get wiped out by the floods.
Check out his website for wonderful jewelry, very "techno-romantic". He truly changed the was jewelry was being made years ago, very much a legend in our industry.

And again, a great sport. Beavo was in good hands! Diane Cook and I had a blast in class. Did I tell you how much I love that gal? Wish she lived closer, darn it!

Here's my finished piece from that class. It was larger than I really wanted, but wanted to incorporate that beautiful antique plate. It was fun to add the plexiglass to the top, letting the middle child peek through.

Wow, what a great experience. Loved every minute of Adorn Me!
What do you think?


Lorena Angulo said...

I love the class too !!!
We were a group of very fun students !!

Your piece is gorgeous ! I am still working in mine because I was not sure about the attachments I had over there.

Nice to meet you there Riki!

Sueann said...

Wow! Looks like a fun class and I love your piece!

farmlady said...

What a great pin. Looks like something that I would love to do, especially with the photos. Very collage! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh Riki, your piece was awesome from Thomas Mann's class! That top layer just made it! Of course, what would we expect from you but perfection? You are the cutest thing and I hope I can take one of your classes someday. I enjoyed Thomas's class, even though it was hard for me since I never sawed (but now I have)!!!! It was great meeting you and buying your wonderful French choker!! Marcy Antle

Leslie Todd said...

Hi Riki! I love your brooch, especially the heart on top with the antique plate. It is perfect with the little window for the middle child.

Diane said...

Oh yes! Here we were again....having a BALL in Thomas' class (with Bevo)!
I wish we lived closer too Riki...wouldn't life be even more GRAND???
I actually loved that class, and enjoyed the project....with your help, of course =)
I looked at mine last night, but still have a few things to complete on it. I will post about it in a few days~hopefully =)
Your piece is a true work of art and talented labor~and it shows =)

Julie Pishny said...

Riki- What fun you had in your workshop and with Thomas Mann, a true legend... Your finished work is lovely and I can't wait to see how this inspirational class "changes" your work. I think we will see a little bit of New Orleans flavor to your work in the future... Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.

stregata said...

Love the piece - the layers are exquisite!

fibuline said...

Which great moment that has of the being !! I hope that the translation is not too bad ;-)!!!